Egypt Food

Most people in Egypt are not aware about the fact that Egypt is famous not just for its ancient culture, monuments and revolution but also for its food. Egyptian food is a blend of many different civilizations that came here from time to time during history. In fact Egyptian palette is believed to contain the largest number of tastes in one plate. Egyptians serve many numbers of dishes and delicacies which are eaten only in this country on the globe.

Some food and delicacies in Egypt date back to around 5000 years and archeological remains even show that food was used as a means of payment during the ancient period. Meanwhile some dishes in Egypt with time have seen changes especially in terms of ingredients and styles due to the influence of culture and addition of newer items.

Common ingredients in making food

Legumes are very common to most Egyptian dishes consisting of beans and lentils. Also vegetables and onions can be very commonly seen in Egyptian food. If you are a vegetarian going to Egypt then unlike many other places finding veg food here will not be any problem. Meat being expensive is less commonly seen in Egypt but fishes as meals are very common in the coastal areas.

The Egyptian bread known as Aish is a very important part of all meals and it’s an Egyptian word which means bread and also life. Cutlery can be usually found missing from the table and it means you now have to use your bread as a means of spoon for your food.

Meal time in Egypt

Meal time in Egypt usually is from 1 pm to 4 pm as the lunch time at most restaurants and from 8 pm till midnight as the dinner time.

Some typical Egyptian dishes

Some of the typical Egyptian dishes which you can savor only when at this country are Aish, which is the Egyptian traditional pocket bread, Aish baladi, Baba Ghanoush, Basbousa, Beide Hamine , Bram rice, Falafel – (or ta’amiya), Fatta , Feseekh (or Fesikh), Ful medames, Hamam Mahshi – (stuffed pigeon), Hummus bi Tahina, Kofta, Kibda, Koshary – (Also known as Kushari), Macaroni béchamel, Mahshi, Molokhia (or Molokheyyah), Roz meammar, Samak mashwy, Shawarma, Tahini, Tehina, Tehina salad, Torly.

Most popular Egyptian desserts

Food without dessert is usually considered incomplete. The Egyptian cuisine too has some favorite desserts which must be eaten and savored while at this land of rich history and architectural excellence. These are dishes like Baklaya, Bouzat haleeb, Halawa, Kishk , Roz Be Laban, Umm Ali

The bottom line

It can be clearly seen that food in Egypt is served in a vast variation and consist of everything from starters to main course to desserts. The country has a large influence of many cultures and civilizations which came here from time to time which have made Egyptian cuisine one of the most diverse and varied cuisine on the globe.