Explore The Ancient Sites In Lake Nasser And Nubia

Egypt in North Africa is one of the top destinations of the world. No other country comes close to Egypt in terms of its architecture, monuments, historical attractions, ruins and activities. The Sites in Lake Nasser and Nubia are certainly a great source of attraction for the tourists here. In fact, more than 90% of Egyptian attractions are lined across River Nile, and therefore, many places can be visited by cruises. Lake Nasser, for instance is a vast reservoir in the southern part of Egypt. It is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. However, since it is located in the northern part of Sudan, they prefer calling it Lake Nubia.

More About The Lake

The widest part of the lake falls somewhere near Tropic of Cancer. It has a huge storage capacity. The lake is mainly the result of the construction of Aswan Dam across the waters of River Nile. The lake is named after a leader of Egyptian Revolution. One of the most important reasons for people visiting the Sites in Lake Nasser And Nubia is fishing. In fact, in the recent years, fishing among the tourists has increasingly become popular. It takes place both from shores as well as from boats.

Ideal For Bird Lovers

It is believed that the west bank of the lake contains more minerals. In addition to that, it also attracts large numbers of birds. Hence, it is the ideal destination for bird lovers. Almost around 100 different species of birds are found here. In addition to that, tourists can see many ancient ruins in these sites. However, a majority of the ancient Egyptian sites was flooded and they are now under water. One of them is the massive fortress of Buhen. On the other hand, the Abu Simbel temples were removed physically and moved to a different site to spare it from the flood waters.

The Ancient Region

Nubia is the most ancient region in the northeastern part of Africa. The pyramids located here were built by the rulers of the ancient kingdoms. Prior to these pyramids, there had been no pyramids in Egypt. However, the pyramids were damaged in the quest for treasure. Regardless of this, the Sites in Lake Nasser And Nubia are still popular among hosts of tourists coming from different corners of the world. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to plan a tour to this ancient region of Africa.