Stay healthy in Egypt

Public health standards in Egypt are low and there are not many government programs to improve the same. It’s thus strongly recommended to eat only at restaurants that regularly serve foreign guests and to drink only bottled water when travelling to this country. Some simple rules which you must never ignore if wishing to stay healthy in Egypt are that you must only drink bottled water and buy only bottles that are sealed as it can avoid the occurrence of traveler’s diarrhea or any other water borne ailments. Eat only at places which regularly serve people who come here from foreign lands and have an experience of handling high volumes of foreign clients on a regular basis. It’s recommended to stay away from the muddy banks of the Nile to prevent many skin related problems which can be seen as a common problem in Egypt.

Healthcare facility in Egypt

The helpline where you can contact for general healthcare when in Egypt is the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT). There are many websites which offer useful tips on traveling to Egypt and to stay healthy here. The US centers for disease control and prevention offer latest information on health hazards depending on the region or the country and presents tips on food safety as well. Travel health online is another site where you can get ample of helpful advice when travelling to any new place. Also, if you wish to find any reliable medical clinic when travelling abroad the places to find so is the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Some common ailments and how to keep away from these
  • When travelling to Egypt some aliments which you can catch commonly are the tropical illnesses for which it’s always recommended to carry good insect repellant and anti-malarial medications as well.
  • Tap water in Egypt should not be drunk under any circumstances as its potable and not safe for drinking. Only drink bottled water and buy only sealed bottles. It’s also best to avoid fresh fruit juices sold by the road side. It’s also recommended to avoid green salads as these can carry certain bacteria.
  • Bugs, bites and other such animal concerns can be seen in Egypt commonly thus make sure you have good insect repellant with you and a can of insecticide as well.
  • Tourists with asthma or other respiratory problems should limit the amount of time they spend in Cairo so as to keep away from any kind of respiratory problems or illnesses
  • Exposure to extreme weather or sun can be harmful so make sure you have ample supply of sun block with you and a good sun hat as well. Keeping electrolytes handy is also recommended and you can even find them at most pharmacies in Egypt.

In case you get sick

Having a medical insurance is always a good idea to avoid hassles in a new place. But even when trying to find the best clinics and hospitals in the county you can find these at the website of the government of the country.