Egypt Travel Guide – Temple of Wadi Es-Sebua

It is located 150 km south of Aswan, it has a temple built by the famous king Ramsis II and it is considered the seconded biggest temple of the Nubian temples after the great temple of Abu- Simbel. The temple is known with Es-Seboua meaning in Arabic “lions, as it has an avenue of sphinxes at its entrance.

The temple was dedicated to the worship of god Ra- Hor-Akhty, Amon, and Ramsis II as a defied person.
The temple is built out of stones except the sanctuary, and the inner vestibules which hare fully craved into the bed rock.
The temple consists of an entrance with a pylon then an open court yard then a hypostyle hall and then inner sanctuary.

The walls of the temple are decorated with many religion scenes and important relief,
During the Christian area many parts have been converted in to a church.

This temple like most of the other Nubian monuments have been rescued and relocated 4 km north from its original location to escape the rising water of Lake Nasser.

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