Egypt Travel Guide – The Temple of Amada

The temple is located 20 KM to the south of Wadi es-Sebua, the area had also the temple of El-Derr and the tomb of Aniba. Amada is located at 115 KM to the south of Aswan. The temple was built at the time of the new kingdom by kind Thtmaosis III and Amenhotep II.It was dedicated to the god Amon Ra, and RA Hor –Ahkty. Additions were made later on by king Thutmoes IV and it was renovated at the time of king Seti I.In this temple king Thuhmosis II venerated the middle kingdom king Senusert III of the 12th dynasty, honoring the victorious campaigns that king Senusert have made in the land of Nubia.

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