Egypt culture

Egypt culture

Culture of Egypt has been very rich and you can easily find books written about the same. Egyptian culture still seems to be intriguing and enigmatic just like the way it was some thousands of years back. The increasing influx of tourists and visitors to the country has helped in shaping its culture where many have left their influences. Egyptian culture has a lot in itself everything from the treasures to the scenic and technological advancement to the magic and the colossal architecture. Egypt culture has managed to grab a global attention always attracting people from all across the globe.

The best of Egyptian culture

Pyramids seem to be the best representation of Egyptian culture which is unique totally. The many pyramids including the great Pyramid of Giza, The Bent pyramid, pyramid of king Khufu and all the other 118 pyramids discovered till date in Egypt have always created a lot of curiosity among Egyptologists and others. The technology used in the making of such large structures seems much ahead of that time and people are still unable to understand the mystery behind the same. The step pyramids too have a unique touch to them. The earliest pyramids were step-pyramids while the pyramids built by pharaohs of later dynasties are known for their smooth, well-cut, reflective surfaces. The hidden rooms, burial chambers, mummification of the deceased, burying the possessions of the king/queen with their body are few practices which have remained restricted to the Egyptian culture since ancient era and are things which can be seen just here on the globe.

Religion in Egypt

Religion was the core to everyday life in Egypt in fact everything from civilization, culture, art, architecture, sciences, and social order developed around religion. Religion practiced in ancient Egypt was polytheistic culture and a number of gods and goddesses were worshipped during that time. Some of the gods and goddesses worshipped in Egypt included Ra, Anubis, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Nut, Bastet, Amun, Thot, Ma’at, Sekhmet, and Ptah.

Worshipping the natural forces was an important part of Egyptian religion. Another significant part of the religion was worshipping of many different animals here. Also in ancient Egypt the belief in the divine origin or royalty played a crucial role in maintaining the social order.

Art in ancient Egypt

Egyptian art has remained a popular subject for many Egyptologists who have learned about the same since years. The history of art in this country dates back to around 5000 years and the prominence of pottery, paintings and art can be linked with 3000 BC which stayed till 4th century AD. In ancient Egypt artists were much respected people in the society and were very much in demand. The pictorial representation was an important part of all ritual rites and the artistic excellence can still be seen on the scenes and illustrations etched on the walls of the pyramids, tombs and temples in Egypt.

The bottom line

Culture and art in Egypt has played a very crucial role since ancient era and this has attracted a lot of people from across the globe to study about the same in detail.